About Us

New Mainers Staffing is immigrant owned and operated. Company co-founders Damas Rugaba and Joyeux Ngoga have been connecting members of the immigrant community to local businesses looking to tap into the immigrant workforce for years. As requests from Maine businesses increased, along with the growth of the immigrant population in Maine, the business and immigrant networks that Damas and Joyeux had cultivated became the foundation of New Mainers Staffing.

With more than ten years of combined experience in staffing and management, as well as an extensive, culturally diverse network, the co-founders understand the challenges for both employers and the immigrant workforce.

Our Vision

To remove barriers:

  • For businesses who want to spend more time on growth than on staff recruitment and management
  • For immigrant workers who want purposeful careers where they can make a difference
  • Between the immigrant workforce and business communities, through cultural awareness, education, and partnership¬†

Our Mission

To be a trusted and innovative partner to businesses looking for talent,

while helping our immigrant communities thrive through meaningful